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What is a chase?

Was ist ein Chasen? - Yago Matcha

The chasen, or "tea whisk" in English, is an important part of Japanese tea ceremonies and essential in the preparation of matcha. It is used to whip matcha powder in a bowl until creamy and fluffy.

From the 12th century to today

The use of the chasen dates back to the 12th century. The art of drinking tea was an important part of Japanese culture back then. The chasen was an indispensable tool for preparing the perfect matcha. Today, tea ceremonies in Japan have become a popular tourist attraction and the Chasen is an integral part of it.

Every Chasen is unique

Each chasen is unique as it is hand carved from bamboo. They also differ in shape, size and structure, depending on the type of bamboo and the master who carves them. A chasen usually has 80 - 120 bristles and an average length of 10 cm.

Take care of your Chasen

The Chasen requires careful maintenance to maintain its longevity and performance and should be cleaned after each use. It is best to wash it carefully with warm water (without soap) and then dry it thoroughly.

Why he shouldn't be missing

Overall, the Chasen is indispensable for all Matcha drinkers. Not only is it a symbol of Japanese culture and a reminder of the art of drinking tea, but it is also essential for the good preparation of Matcha drinks.
If you are interested in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony or just want to enjoy a good cup of tea, a chasen is a valuable investment.

Making a Chasen (Video):

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