Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Matcha. Exciting insights and valuable tips about this extraordinary tea await you here.

Vier Gründe Matcha zu trinken

Four reasons to drink matcha

Have you ever woken up and wondered what the benefits of matcha are? Me neither, but here are four reasons why matcha has become my daily companion. Long-lasting energy Matcha provides long-lasti...

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Das sind die häufigsten Matcha Fehler

These are the most common matcha mistakes

Precious and delicate, Matcha is a traditional green tea from Japan valued not only for its rich taste and stimulating aroma, but also for its health benefits. With its centuries-old history, ma...

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So erkennst du hochwertigen Matcha

This is how you recognize high-quality matcha

Matcha is generally divided into three quality levels: Culinary, Premium and the best Matcha quality, the Ceremonial Grade. In this article, however, the focus is not on assigning Matcha to a spec...

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Ceremonial, Premium oder Culinary Matcha?

Ceremonial, Premium or Culinary Matcha?

Ceremonial, Premium or Culinary… these words provide information about the different Matcha varieties / Matcha qualities. The Ceremonial Grade is the highest quality available. In second place is ...

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Matcha vs Kaffee: Das Duell - Yago Matcha

Matcha vs Coffee: The Duel

Coffee and matcha are popular wake-up beverages with different flavors, preparation options, and health benefits. Coffee offers a quick boost of energy, while matcha is a smoother, long-lasting sou...

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Was ist ein Chasen? - Yago Matcha

What is a chase?

The chasen, or "tea whisk" in English, is an important part of Japanese tea ceremonies and essential in the preparation of matcha. It is used to whip matcha powder in a bowl until creamy and fluff...

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Wieso ist Matcha so gesund? - Yago Matcha

That's why matcha is so healthy

Matcha is a type of green tea that is made from whole tea leaves and therefore contains more nutrients than regular green tea, where the leaves are typically discarded. In this blog post you will...

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