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Ceremonial, Premium or Culinary Matcha?

Ceremonial, Premium oder Culinary Matcha?

Ceremonial, Premium or Culinary… these words provide information about the different Matcha varieties / Matcha qualities. The Ceremonial Grade is the highest quality available. In second place is the Premium Grade and the last place is occupied by the Culinary Grade.

In the following sections we will reveal why this is so and show you the differences in detail!

Ceremonial Grade

This is the highest quality among matcha varieties. Ceremonial Matcha is made from the youngest and finest leaves, carefully harvested by hand. The leaves are steamed, dried and slowly ground in stone mills into a fine powder to preserve the integrity of the tea. This matcha has a bright green color and a sweet, mild and rich taste. It is traditionally used for the Japanese tea ceremony (hence the name) and is perfect for real matcha lovers.

Premium Grade

An excellent choice for everyday enjoyment. It is made similarly to Ceremonial Matcha, but uses leaves that are harvested a little later in the season. The result is a matcha with a stronger flavor that is still of very high quality. Premium Matcha, for example, is ideal for matcha lattes and/or other drinks.

Culinary grade

As the name suggests, this matcha is intended for culinary purposes. It's made from leaves that are harvested later in the season, giving it a stronger, more tart flavor. Culinary Matcha is ideal for baking or cooking as its intense flavor harmonizes well with other ingredients. Whether in cakes, smoothies or as a spice – Culinary Matcha gives your dishes a special touch.

Each matcha variety has its own character and specific use. Whether you're a fan of traditional tea or want to try new recipes, matcha offers you a variety of options. Try out the different varieties and find out which one best suits your taste and needs.

Our two matcha grades:
Cermonial Matcha
Premium Matcha

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